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This special edition of The African World gives a full record of one of the outstanding, if not the most important, events of the year, as far as the development of Africa is concerned, and as such it will be welcomed by every' one interested in the peaceful conquest of the Continent in the cause of civilisation and in its prosperous economic development. In the presence of many distinguished men, including the representatives of the three Rulers of the great African territories concerned and so closely linked together, there was an impressive ceremonial function on the 10th of June last on the banks of the River Luao, which will remain a treasured memory to all privileged to be present.


The completion of the Benguela Railway from the shores of the Atlantic at Lobito Bay, via Nova Lisboa to the frontier of the Congo Beige, initiated by joint Portuguese and British enterprise a quarter of a century ago, to-day has not only become a concrete fact of immense economic value, but is rightly viewed as an event of international importance. To the genius, foresight and dogged persistence of one man, to complete a programme, which at times appeared almost an impossible task, through quite unforeseen circumstances, the result achieved is due, viz., to the indomitable courage of Sir Robert Williams, so deservedly and highly honoured by his own country and the others linked up in the great enterprise. Spurred on by the epic memory' of his great countryman, David Livingstone, whose footsteps he took a pride in following, and true to the grand ideals of the founder of Rhodesia for the opening up of Africa as he was inspired by the veteran spirit of the great Portuguese explorers who discovered Africa's finest harbours and made permanent settlements on its richest coast littorals, he carried on his work with great pertinacity of purpose. Encouraged by the friendly reciprocative spirit of the late King Leopold, and in full appreciation ot the splendid work of die Belgian pioneers in Katanga and the vast Congo --Sit Robert Williams with his colleagues, unforgettable men, such as the late General Sir Joachim Machado, his brother Mariano, Sir Charles Metcalfe, George Pauling, George Grey and many others, all of whom have passed to the better land not very long ago- has undauntedly pushed forward from Lobito towards the goal he had fixed twenty-five years ago.


On the banks of the Luao River on the 10th June last there was silently signed and sealed a great beneficent understanding between Portugal, Britain and Belgium, representing Angola, the Congo Beige and Rhodesia, which will be endorsed at Tshilongo within the next eighteen months, when that great Transcontinental spine popularly known as the Cape to Cairo Railway Line will have another of its most important ribs linked up with it. Thus the true western key to Central Africa from the Atlantic will very' shortly unlock that vast treasure house by the route which brings Lisbon and London within three weeks of Elizabethville and the Victoria Falls, a fact which could not even be visualized as more than a dream but a few decades ago.

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